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best degree courses that students

Top five best degree courses that students can choose after the 12th

Do you know you want to study abroad but aren’t sure what topic or degree to pursue?  We know that this is a key choice. Knowing what previous overseas students have selected will help you make the best selection for you.

Over five million foreign students explored many websites for the top undergraduate degrees of their choosing between January and December 2023. Continue reading to learn about the top five degree courses, the disciplines available, and potential employment options after graduation.

Bachelor of Business Administration:

Management degrees are among the best degree programs available in India today. These specific degree holders have a wide range of job opportunities, which are not only limited to India but also extend to other countries. While BBA is just a UG program, it may be pursued by 12th-grade students. However, the individual should enroll in a reputable university and gain as much managerial information as possible over the course of the term.

Qualification –

  • To pursue BBA, the applicant must have completed 12th grade and chosen a commerce major.

Engineering bachelor’s degree:

Engineering, whether a bachelor’s or master’s degree course, is one of the oldest and most intriguing degree programs available in India today. Engineers’ employment responsibilities are dispersed all around the world. There are several engineering courses available, including mechanical, civil, electrical, chemical, computer, electronics, and communication, among others. If you want to pursue an engineering course, you should first learn about the many engineering courses and then enroll in a specific course depending on your interests.

Qualification –

  • To pursue B.E/B. Tech, the candidate must have completed 12th grade with at least 50% marks or possess a valid diploma for lateral admission.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Application:

Not everyone is looking for an engineering degree; some say that BCA is inferior to B.E Computer Science or IT; this is incorrect. Many computer and IT businesses value BCA and B.E computer or IT engineers the same as engineers. The need for computer applications for bachelor graduates is expected to grow in the future years. If you want to work with computers, this degree course is a fantastic fit for you. After graduating from BCA, you might pursue a master’s degree in the same field.

Qualification –

  • To study BCA, the candidate must have completed 12th grade.
  • He/she should have chosen a major that included computer science as a key topic.

Bachelor’s degree in fashion, interior, and web design:

Do you have outstanding or intermediate creative skills? If so, you must go for a bachelor’s degree in web design, fashion design, or interior design. Remember that each of these courses is unique; for example, fashion works with materials, style, and the fashion business, whereas web design deals with building websites, and interior design is connected to civil engineering. An interior designer is responsible for designing the interior of a building based on the demands of the customer.

Qualification –

  • To pursue, the applicant must have completed their 12th grade in any subject.

Bachelor of Journalism or Bachelor of Mass Communication, BJMC:

The mass communication business is rapidly expanding, and along with it, journalism is expanding, increasing job prospects and the presence of multinational firms in this area in India. The Bachelor of Mass Communication degree courses focus on how to convince and influence the mass’s behavior, attitude, emotion, and opinion in the long and short term. Similarly, journalism is all about obtaining information from various sources and extracting facts from individuals.

Qualification –

  • To study mass communication or journalism, the candidate must have completed 12th grade in any subject.