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If you are like most students in college, the payback of your student loans is the biggest worry that you have. If you have taken out loans during your whole stay in undergraduate college or if you have continued to take out loans for your graduate program, you probably have ten or fifteen different loans out to probably the same number of institutions. It is confusing and the organizational skills that it takes to go through every correspondence from every loan institution can be a maddening experience. There is so many numbers and different interest rates that you would have to have a certified public accounting degree to figure it all out.
If you have finished college and the student loan wolves are knocking at your door, you might want to think about the consolidation of your student loan. When you consolidate your student loan all the loans that you have outstanding will be placed under one company. One loan company will take responsibility paying off your student loans with other companies and assuming the loan themselves. You will only receive one statement and only have to pay one bill. The money and time saved alone is reason enough for the consolidation of your student loan.
When you think about the consolidation of your student loan, you might want to start by shopping around for lower payments and lower interest rates. There are a lot of companies out there that consolidate student loans and they want to compete for your business. If you are done with college you are probably already getting phone calls and mail from different consolidation companies that want you to go with them as a lender. When you get these invitations, read the small print and ask a lot of questions. Make sure there is not a balloon payment at the end and that your interest rate is locked. This means that they cannot raise the interest rate once you have accepted.
The consolidation of your student loans will also allow you plan ahead in your finances. If you know specifically how much you will pay each month, you can put that bill in your budget and forget it. You can even have the student loan payment come out of your bank account automatically. Just deduct the amount in your registry and you will never miss it. You can adjust your budget accordingly and not have to worry about making your payment, or worse, missing it.
The consolidation of your student loan will save you time in the fact that you do not have to go through your mail and write out a multitude of checks that may or may not get there on time. You can damage your credit with a late payment and never know it. With student loan debt consolidation, you will feel comfortable knowing that your rates are not going to change without notice and you will not have to worry about your loans being bought by another company you are not familiar with.

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